Wednesday, January 28, 2009

january 28th

  $400 m World Bank loan for Power Grid

  ‘India better placed in financial system’

  Mangalore’s immoral police

  A cautious approach ( RBI’s third quarter review of the monetary and credit policy)

  We will minimise civilian casualties: Rajapaksa

  Pranab: no sympathy for LTTE

  R. Venkataraman passes away

  Washington endorses Beijing’s move to patrol Gulf of Aden

  Venkataraman presided over the change to era of coalitions

  RBI scales down GDP growth to 7 per cent

  Chandrayaan II to be launched on GSLV

  Local bodies go slow on new tax norms

  Civilians, major concern of Army

  Sharif wants Chaudhary back

  We made mistakes, Obama tells Muslim world

  Palestinian State is possible, says Obama

  California woman makes history with octuplets

  Liberia’s pest crisis

  Hold elections, Fiji told

  Higher education needs a better deal

  Downturn, not recession: government

  $20 million aid sought to speed up LCA project

  Golden quadrilateral on a road to nowhere: BJP

  Where statehood demand raises spectre of ethnic unrest

  South Stream’s Russian gas for Europe

  God’s infinite qualities


Sharadwati said...

why didn't u update the blog?

if possible,please give us the highlights of the important events of this year i.e May 08 onwards...those which are relevant for CSE 09...

Anonymous said...

prelims coverage of newspaper cuts off here.

Sharadwati said...

what is the difference between slowdown,meltdown,recession and depression (economic)?

Anonymous said...

slow down is this: there is growth but its rate decelerates. Meltdown is a dramatic drop in growth- usually into the negative territory. It is not a technical term. Recession is negative growth- contraction- for two quarters on a trot. Depression is severe recession lasting for a relatively long period. Features of recession become more pronounced- drop in employment, prices, investment and yes growth! You can call it slump too.