Tuesday, January 27, 2009

jan 27


  More measures likely to pump up economy

  ‘Independent directors need a watchdog’

  New innovation strategies to beat economic slowdown

  End game in Sri Lanka

  Euro at ten

  Mahinda Rajapaksa invites Karunanidhi, Jayalalithaa

  An impressive show on R-Day

  President honours the bravehearts

  It’s for those who worked for poor: Sister Nirmala

  RBI plans more measures

  Indian Americans to meet Obama team on 26/11

  India has no better friend than U.S.: Obama

  Republic Day fervour in China, Israel

  U.S. shifting focus to Afghanistan

  Obama on emissions

  Bid to relocate detenus

  Trade your emissions, says EU

  Promise and pitfalls of Obama’s South Asia policy  

  Dominic Emmanuel, Anjuman selected for Harmony award

  Missiles steal the show at Parade

  Team to hold talks on Gorshkov price

  3 more Lok Adalats to be set up

  “Full support to Salwa Judum”

  ‘Industry-farming balance essential’

  Eclipse: Minister orders special poojas

  Child soldiers trial opens at The Hague

  Nature of the Self


sharadwati said...

What is 'toxic asset'?

sriram srirangam said...

it is one of the securitised assets that no one buys as neither its genuine value is known nor is it likely to appreciate. Thus, assets(!) that no one touches and are going downhill may be called toxic assets.