Saturday, April 11, 2009


  Higher fiscal deficit key to economic revival, says Virmani

  In search of a role

  Saving jobs in a time of crisis

  Chandrayaan’s first image of Earth in its entirety

  Russia delivers first batch of nuclear fuel

  Bust of Nehru falls off pedestal

  Italy mourns quake victims

  U.N. asked to pressure LTTE

  Thai protesters leave the stage for ASEAN

  Only 42,000 H-1B applicants in one week

  Fiji’s President assumes power, fires judges  

  Obama breaks fresh ground in Iran

  Jaswant promises to take up Gorkhaland with Centre


  Palestinians need a partner for peace

  Somalia: piracy’s feeding frenzy goes on

  Greatness of the Vedas



  Industrial growth shrinks again by 1.2 % in Feb

  Annual inflation at 8.4 per cent

  Power sector to get gas from KG-D6

  Hail to the first human in space!

  Green stimulus

  In good health  

  Iran inaugurates new nuclear fuel facility

  ‘A thorn in India-China relationship’

  India’s biggest auction of oil and gasfields

  Inflation hits new 30-year low

  Who knows facilities exist for the disabled to vote?

  Swat peace deal in jeopardy

  Bangladesh begins war crimes trial

  Bainimarama gives up post after verdict

  Taliban: a response to modernity

  North Korea appreciates India’s stand

  Missile deal not signed in a jiffy: Antony

  “Step towards knowledge society sans boundaries”


  Seven words on the Cross



  Gold surges on strong global cues

  Battling cervical cancer

  U.S. for involving India in global issues

  India-China relations in one of the best periods in history

  Survey of birds begins in different parts of Kanyakumari district

  India’s spy satellite to eye terrorists

  China is new power centre: Chavez

  Kumar goes to the White House

  Re-democratising the electoral system

  India a vital leader: Holbrooke

  In the world of the disabled

  Hands off academic matters: Court


  Different strokes of ‘people power’

  Glimpses of the divine



  A sharp deterioration

  Fujimori convicted

  Still a lot of work to do in Iraq: Obama

  Gulf stability is India’s concern

  Obama’s flawed Afghan strategy

  Less rhetoric, more pragmatism in London

  Principle of surrender


Hindu Today




  Kamal Nath to represent ASEAN summit in Thailand

  Obama and a nuclear-free world

  Problems of plenty

  Airfield to be reopened in east Ladakh

  Nirupam Sen made Special U.N. Adviser

  India an indispensable regional actor, says U.S. think-tank

  Citizens report: how shameful will the 15th Lok Sabha be?

  President rides electric car

  Package deals — with credibility discounts

  ‘Order of Friendship’ conferred on Karan Singh, Bhishma Narain Singh

  Pakistan leery of U.S. war on militants

  Two speeches that change nuclear rules

  Mahavira’s teachings






  Financing health

  Transition in Malaysia

  Controversial satellite launch by North Korea triggers alarm

  “India will not sign NPT in present format”

  India in dilemma over North Korean satellite launch news analysis

  Focus on black money stashed in foreign banks

  Many young voters, but is there a youth vote?

  Antarctic iceberg ‘set to collapse’

  To present Iran a clear choice

  The Divine name





·  15-20% drop forecast in March exports

·  Why hedonistic polygyny is against Islam

·  India, China have strategic ties: Ambassador Zhang Yan

·  Criminalisation and corruption hurt electoral system, says K.K. Venugopal

·  Violent protests mar NATO Summit

·  India 54th in networked readiness index

·  Include social charter in manifestos: Aruna Roy







  G-20 pledge not to raise new trade barriers

  A substantial deal

  Economic crisis and public anger

  Tax havens put on notice

  Joblessness may rise : ILO

  Missile deal with Israeli firm covered by integrity clause

  Factors for success




  Inflation inches up to 0.31%

  Assumes charge as Nasscom Chairman

  Eighth round of NELP to be launched on April 9

  No, he can’t

  IT for health

  London summit pledges $1.1 trillion to boost global economy

  Manmohan expresses concern at rising protectionism

  President’s rule may be revoked

  Extremists threaten the very existence of Pakistan: Petraeus

  Obama was star of the summit

  LTTE plea to Norway

  Indian EVMs for Nepal

  Cesc Fabregas set to return

  Maharashtra: the dull days of White Gold

  A baul’s plea for peace

  Lok Sabha only rule?

  Sole astronaut ideates on India’s space future

  Electing to vote

  Ending decades-old rift with NATO

  Viral screening test effective against cervical cancer

  Politics adds to economic turmoil in Hungary

  Attitude of surrender


Friday, April 10, 2009

Some questions on Economics that we trained our caniddates on for the Interview Programme

1.     Do you think Indian economy is in trouble?

2.     What will happen to the 11th five year plan targets?

3.     Who is Keynes?

4.     We are all said to be Keynesians today. Why?

5.     Haven’t we always been Keynesians in India , since Independence?

6.     What is capitalism?

7.     Is it in crisis?

8.     How do we resolve the crisis?

9.     Differentiate between fiscal stimulus, bailout and monetary stimulus.

10. What is moral hazard?

11. Some say that the RBI is responsible for the crisis. Do you agree?

12. Some say that the RBI is on another planet? Why did they say it?

13. We do not  have a dedicated Finance Minister at the centre.  Are you worried?

14. What is populism/pork barrel?

15. What is a recession? How is it different from Depression?

16. Stagflation?

17. What is liquidity trap?

18. Why are we slashing the direct taxes only? Why cant the income tax be brought down so that people can spend and kickstart the economy?

19. Have you heard of conditional cash transfers?

20. Mark to market

21. Financial innovation

22. Money multiplier and gearing

23. Decoupling theory
Why is agriculture not growing

24. Bailout and stimulus and liquidity injection

25. Too big to fail- do you believe in it?

26. Financial inclusion

27. Leverage

28. Gearing

29. Flipping

30. Greed

31. Speculation

32. Expectations

33. Deflation

34. Protectionism

35. Liquidity crunch/Liquidity trap/liquidity crisis

36. Deglobalization/deprivatization

37. Nationalization

38. Crisis of confidence

39. Consumer confidence

40. Business confidence

41. What is a well capitalized bank?

42. Basel norms

43. Shadow economy/fictitious economy/virtual economy

44. Regulator should be ahead of the curve- what do u mean?

45. How did Lehman go bankrupt?

46. What are toxic assets

47. Securitization

48. Nationalize the losses and privatize the profits?

49. Good bank bad bank

50. Wall street main street

51. Market failure

52. deflation- is it not good?

 and so on and on