Sunday, April 8, 2007




(1) Which among the following is not one of the books written by Herzberg

(a) Managerial Choice: To be efficient and to be human

(b) Work and the nature of man

(c) The motivation to work

(d) Motivation and personality

(2) Which among the following is not one of the Hygiene Factors identified by Herzberg?

(a) Interpersonal relations

(b) Responsibility

(c) Personal life

(d) Security

(3) Which among the following is not one of the Motivators identified by Herzberg?

(a) Achievement

(b) Recognition

(c) Supervision

(d) Growth

(4) Herzberg called some factors “hygiene” because

(a) they are required to motivate the employees

(b) are required to maintain the cleanliness of the organisation

(c) they are not curative but preventive

(d) they maximise efficiency

(5) Motivators and Hygiene factors respectively

(a) contribute very little to job satisfaction and more to job dissatisfaction

(b) contribute very little to job dissatisfaction and very little to job satisfaction

(c) contribute more to job dissatisfaction and little to job dissatisfaction

(d) contribute nothing either to job satisfaction or job satisfaction

(6) Maslow’s and Herzberg’s theories are respectively

(a) prescriptive and descriptive

(b) both of them are descriptive

(c) both of them are prescriptive

(d) descriptive and prescriptive

(7) Which among the following is not one of the criticisms of Herzberg’s Theory?

(a) It is ‘method bound’

(b) Raters bias, that is, there was no control to maintain consistent evaluation by the raters

(c) Is consistent with previous research

(d) It’s research methodology looked only at satisfaction not at productivity

(8) Achievement Theory of Motivation was propounded by

(a) B F Skinner

(b) Peter Drucker

(c) Chris Argyris

(d) David McClelland

(9) Attribution Theory of Motivation was propounded by

(a) Clayton Alderfer

(b) Edwin Locke

(c) Harold Kelley

(d) J Stacy Adams

(10) Which of the following are true about the assumptions of Theory Y?

  1. The capacity to exercise a relatively high degree of imagination, ingenuity and creativity in the solution of organisation problems is narrowly distributed in the population
  2. The average human being does not inherently dislike work
  3. the average human being learns, under proper conditions, not only to accept but to seek responsibility
  4. under the conditions of modern industrial life, the intellectual potentialities of an average human being are fully utilised
  5. man will exercise self-direction and self-control in the service of objectives to which he is committed

(a) 1,2,3 and 5

(b) 1.2 and 5

(c) 2,3 and 5

(d) 2,3, 4 and 5

(11) Traditional Theory of Motivation is not known as

(a) Economic Theory

(b) Monistic Theory

(c) Carrot and Stick Theory

(d) Socio-Economic Theory

(12) Which of the following are true about Herzberg’s motivators?

  1. they are related to the job content
  2. their presence leads to satisfaction
  3. their absence leads to dissatisfaction
  4. they reflect the Abraham nature of man
  5. they reflect the Adam nature of man

(a) 1,2,3 and 4

(b) 1,2,3 and 5

(c) 1,2 and 5

(d) 1,2 and 4

(13) Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?

(a) McGregor -Content Theory of Motivation

(b) Porter and Lawler - Process Theory of Motivation

(c) Victor- Vroom - Content Theory of Motivation

(d) Stacy Adams - Process Theory of Motivation

(14) Who of the following characterised the theories of Herzberg and Maslow as ‘Major Wrong Theories’?

(a) Bass and Barret

(b) Wabha and Birdwell

(c) Donald P Schwab

(d) Michael Nash

(15) Assertion: According to Herzberg, the opposite of job satisfaction is not job dissatisfaction, but rather no job satisfaction

Reason: He found that the factors involved in producing job satisfaction are separate and distinct from the factors that lead to job dissatisfaction.

(16) Assertion: The set of assumptions of Theory X are diametrically opposite to those of Theory Y.

Reason: Theory X represents the behavioural approach to management, while Theory Y represents classical approach

(17) Assertion: Maslow’s Need Hierarchy is the first systematic conceptual model of human motivation

Reason: He explained that human needs influence human behaviour

(18) Which of the following is not correctly matched?

(a) Herberg - Job Enrichment

(b) McGregor - Scanlon Plan

(c) Alderfer - Critical Incident Method

(d) Maslow - Psychoanalysis

(19) The process theories of motivation includes the models of:

  1. Victor Vroom
  2. Hearly Kelly
  3. McGregor
  4. Porter-Lawler

(a) 1,2,3 and 4

(b) 1,2 and 3

(c) 1,2 and 4

(d) 2 and 4

(20) Match the following

List I List II

A. Positive Reinforcement Theory 1. J Stacy Adams

B. Expectancy Theory of Motivation 2. Victor Vroom

C. Equity Theory of Motivation 3. David McClelland

D. Performance Satisfaction Theory 4. B F Skinnner


(a) 3 4 1 5

(b) 4 2 1 3

(c) 3 5 1 2

(d) 4 2 1 5


(1) d

(2) b

(3) c

(4) c

(5) b

(6) d

(7) c

(8) d

(9) c

(10) c

(11) d

(12) d

(13) c

(14) d

(15) a

(16) c

(17) b

(18) c

(19) c

(20) d


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