Saturday, April 21, 2007

Comprehensive MCQ Examination on General Studies

(1) Who among the following is NOT one of the “Asian Heroes” as identified by the Times Magazine in its 60th issue?

(a) Mahatma Gandhi

(b) Sachin Tendulkar

(c) Sharukh Khan

(d) L N Mittal

(2) Which state became the first to establish Herbal Parks in the country?

(a) Rajasthan

(b) Andhra Pradesh

(c) Haryana

(d) West Bengal

(3) Which among the following is/are true about National Old Age Pension Scheme?

1. It is a component of National Social Assistance Programme

2. NSAP came into effect in 1996 as a wholly centrally funded programme to give financial assistance to families with little or no regular means of subsistence

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 only

(c) Both 1 and 2

(d) Neither 1 nor 2

(4) Which among the following is/are true about 105th Constitution Amendment Bill?

1. It seeks to free Uttar Pradesh from the obligation of having a minister for tribal welfare because ST population has come down to 0.9% of total population in Uttar Pradesh

2. Article 164(1) is now applicable to 4 states, Jharkhand, Chattisgargh, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa

3. Presently it is 94th Constitutional Amendment Act

1. 1 and 3 only

2. 2 and 3 only

3. 3 only

4. All of the above

(5) Which among the following is NOT true about Cauvery Tribunal Award?

(a) It finally decided the share of waters of the Cauvery among the riparian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Pudcherry

(b) The tribunal was constituted in June 1990, gave an interim award in 1992

(c) Tribunal Chairman was Justice N P Singh

(d) Out of 740 tmcft, the tribunal awarded 419 tmcft to Tamil Nadu, 270 tmcft to Karnataka, 30 tmcft to Kerala and 7 tmcft to Puducherry

(6) Which among the following is/are true about SC Judgment on IX Schedule Laws?

1. SC ruled that there could not be any blanket immunity from judicial review of laws inserted in the 9th Schedule

2. The Ninth Schedule was introduced by the First Amendment Act to keep certain laws beyond the scope of judicial review

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 only

(c) Both 1 and 2

(d) Neither 1 nor 2

(7) Which among the following is/are NOT true about SC judgment on Rajya Sabha elections?

1. Domicile is not necessary for contesting elections

2. It rejected an amendment introducing open ballot instead of secret ballot for elections to Rajya Sabha

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 only

(c) Neither 1 nor 2

(d) Both 1 and 2

(8) Which among the following is/are true about Government’s Anti-hijacking policy?

1. The policy will enable NSG to command any available aircraft for launching ‘hot pursuit’ of hijackers.

2. NSG was also given authority to negotiate with the hijackers on behalf of the government

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 only

(c) Both 1 and 2

(d) Neither 1 nor 2

(9)Which among the following is/are true about disinvestment of PSUs?

1. Centre has decided to give a momentum to disinvestment process through initial public offerings of three power sector PSUs with the objective of mopping up Rs.2000 cr.

2. The companies are Rural Electrification Corporation, The Power Grid Corporation and Natural Hydroelectric Power corporation

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 only

(c) Both 1 and 2

(d) Neither 1 nor 2

(10)Which among the following is NOT true about Child Rights Commission?

1. Shanta Sinha has been appointed as Chairperson of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights

2. The Commission has the power to inquire into complaints and take suo motu notice of matters relating to deprivation of child’s rights and non implementation of laws

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 only

(c) 1 and 2 only

(d) Neither 1 nor 2

(11)Which among the following is NOT correctly matched?

(a) Banjara Tribes: In Chattisgarh, practice migration during summer in search of fodder and water

(b) Hmar Tribes: In Mainpur, the government institutes a judiciary inquiry into the allegations of mass raping of Hmar tribal girls by insurgents in 2006

(c) Chenchu Tribals: Andhra Pradesh government announced benefits including a Federation of chenchu women groups in four districts

(d) Tiwa Tribes: Based in Assam, they practice barter trade

(12) United Nations has declared the year 2009 as

(a) National Forest Protection Year

(b) National Fibre year

(c) National Year for the development of women and children

(d) National Sport Year

(13)Which state government recently introduced five day week for its employees?

(a) Andhra Pradesh

(b) Assam

(c) Bihar

(d) Uttar Pradesh

(14)Which among the following is NOT true about Indo-Myanmar relations?

(a) Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee visited Myanmar in 2006

(b) Both countries agreed to undertake fencing in the Kabaw valley region bordering Manipur

(c) India is interested in huge gas reserves found in Myanmar and is considering a pipe line passing through Bangladesh

(d) India promised a favourable response to Myanmar request for military equipment

(15)Which Collectorate became the first to get ISO 9001-2999 certification?

(a) Krishna Collectorate, Machalipatnam

(b) Dhanbad, Jharkhand

(c) Goalpara, Assam

(d) Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

(16)Who among the following is the Chairman of Group of Eight (G8) Countries?

(a) Ms. Angela Merkel

(b) Tony Blair

(c) Roman Prodi

(d) Stephen Harper

(17)The Second East Asia Summit was held in

(a) Kuala Lumpur

(b) The Philippines

(c) Singapore

(d) Jakarta

(18)Which country holds the Presidency of European Union for the period Jan-June 2007?

(a) Portugal




(19)The Headquarters of Cooperation Council for the Arab States of Gulf(GCC) is situated at





(20)Which among the following is NOT true about Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation?

(a)It is an economic forum for a group of Pacific Rim nations to discuss matters related to regional economy, cooperation, trade and investment

(b)The current membership of APEC consist of 21 members

(c)The 15th Summit of APEC was held at Hanoi, Vietnam

(d) India has requested for an entry into APEC

(21)Which among the following is NOT true about Oxfam International?

(a)It is a confederation; of 13 independent, non-profit, secular, community-based aid development organisations

(b)The name Oxfam comes from the Oxford Committee fro Famine Relief

(c)Oxfam International was founded in 1996

(d)It is headquartered in London, UK

(22)Which among the following is NOT true about African Union?

(a)It is an organisation consisting of 53 African States

(b)Established in 2000, the AU was formed as a successor to the African Economic Community and the Organisation of African Unity

(c)Its objective is to have a single currency and a single integrated defence force for the entire region

(d)It covers entire continent except for Morocco

(5) Which country nationalised its oil and gas sector in 2006?

(a) Bangladesh

(b) Myanmar

(c) Bolivia

(d) Uzbekistan

(6) Which among the following is true about Project Guardian?

(a) It is a programme undertaken by the United Nations to protect young children

(b) It is an interpol task force on child abuse

(c) It is a welfare scheme launched by Ministry of Forest to preserve and protect forests

(d) None of the above

(7) Which among the following is NOT true about Serbian Elections?

(a) It was the first parliamentary elections since neighbouring Montenegro’s withdrew from its federation with Serbia in 2006

(b) Serbia’s National Radical Party won the most votes in the elections

(c) Elections were conducted at a time when Serbia is likely to loose Kosovo

(d) Democratic Party of Socialists of Montengero stood second in the elections

(8) Which among the following do not form part of the reports submitted by Administrative Reforms Commission?

(a) Right to Information Act

(b) National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

(c) Ethics in government

(d) Reforms in Judiciary

(9) Which among the following do NOT form part of the reform process of International Monetary Fund?

(a) India’s voting rights in IMF get diminished to 1.91%as against 1.95 percent previously

(b) Initial ad hoc increase in quotas for a small group of the most under-represented countries

(c) China became IMF’s 5th most powerful member

(d) A member’s share of general SDR allocations is established in proportion to its quota

(10) Which among the following is NOT true about Red Cross?

(a) The Red Crystal has joined the Red Cross and crescent as an official symbol of the Red Cross

(b) Red crescent was adopted in 1985

(c) Red crystal is a neutral emblem and paved way for Israel’s membership

(d) The symbols are the protective signs of Relief workers recognised under Geneva conventions

(11) Which among the following is NOT true about elections to the Palestine National Assembly?

(a) The elections held in 2006 was the first since 1996

(b) Hamas won 44% of votes but 56% of seats

(c) Hamas leader Ismail Haniya formed the government

(d) Independents stood second after Hamas in the elections

(12) Recently US India Peaceful Atomic Energy Act was passed by US Congress. It is known as

(a) Hyde Act

(b) Spencer Act

(c) Sanford Act

(d) Chandler Act

(13) Which among the following is NOT true about Happy Planet Index?

(a) It was introduced by new economics foundation in July 2006

(b) Colombia is the happiest state according to the index

(c) India’s rank is 62and Zimbabwe has the lowest ranking

(d) It is a function of its average subjective life satisfaction, life expectancy at birth and ecological footprint per capita

(14) Alexander Lukashenko won Presidential elections to Belarus for the

(a) second time in succession

(b) third time in succession

(c) first time

(d) fourth time in succession

(15) Fillipe Caledron defeated who among the following to win the Presidential elections in Mexico?

(a) Vicente Fox

(b) Andrés Manuel López Obrador

(c) López Obrador

(d) Roberto Madrazo

(16) Who among the following has won the Australian Open Women’s Championship for the year 2007?

(a) Maria Sharapova

(b) Serena Williams

(c) Justine Henin Hardenne

(d) Lindsay Davenport

(17) Who among the following has scored 9000 runs in test cricket in less number of innings?

(a) Brain Lara

(b) Sachin Tendulkar

(c) Rahul Dravid

(d) Ricky Ponting

(18) Who emerged as victorious in the World Cup hockey held in Moenchengladbach, Germany?

(a) Australia

(b) Germany

(c) Netherlands

(d) Pakistan

(19) Who among the following has received the Rajeev Khel Ratna Award for the year 2006?

(a) Rahul Dravid

(b) Viswanathan Anand

(c) Pankaj Advani

(d) None of the above

(20) Who among the following won the Man Booker’s Prize for the first time from India?

(a) Salman Rushdie

(b) Arundhati Roy

(c) Kiran Desai

(d) Kushwant Singh

(21) Pulitzer Prize 2006 for best reporting was awarded to

(a) Dana Priest of the Washington Post

(b) Joseph Kahn and Jim Yardley of the New York Times

(c) Staff of the Dallas Morning News

(d) Staff of the Times

(22) Ramon Magasaysay Award in the “Emergent Leadership” category for the year 2006 was given to

(a) Arundhati Roy

(b) Arvind Kejriwal

(c) Ek Sonn Chan

(d) Park Won Soon

(23) The Nobel Prize in Physics for the year 2006 was awarded to

(a) Barry J Marshall and Robin Warren

(b) Roy J Glauber, John L Hall and Theodor W Hansch

(c) John C Mather and George F Smoot

(d) Roger D Kornberg

(24) In a group, 85 people playing at least one of Badminton, Hockey and Cricket, 50 play Badminton, 55 play Hockey and 60 play cricket. 30 play both Badminton and Hockey, 35 lay both Hockey and Cricket and 35 play both badminton and Cricket. How many people play all the three?

(a) 15

(b) 20

(c) 25

(d) 30

(25) In an assembly line, two components are assembled to make a product. The probability that one component is defective, is 0.2 percent and the probability that the other component is defective, is 0.1 percent. What is the probability that an assembled product chosen at random, may be free from defects?

(a) 0.02

(b) 0.98

(c) 0.72

(d) 0.48

(26) A gentleman, whose rates of walking uphill, on level ground and downhill are in the ratios of 2:3:4, covered a certain distance, the parts of which; uphill, level and downhill are the in the ratio 3:4:5. If he is able to walk the whole distance in 49 hours, ho w much more time he will take if he walks the whole distance on level ground than half walking uphill and half downhill?

(a) 16 hours

(b) 6 hours

(c) 10 hours

(d) 14 hours

(27) If G(x)=x-1/x+1, the value of G(x/x+1) is:

(a) 2x+1

(b) 1/2x+1

(c) -1/2x+1

(d) –(2x+1)

(28) Two batches containing 100 and 160 tourists arrived to sea fort. Each of the two batches is divided into groups of equal size, to be accompanied by a guide. What is the largest possible number in each group so that both the batches are exactly divided?

(a) 60

(b) 20

(c) 10

(d) 260

(29) The number of arrangements of n sarees which are all different is the same as the number of arrangements of (n+1) sarees of which three are alike. The value of n is:

(a) 5

(b) 6

(c) 4

(d) 7

(30) S is the sum of the products for all possible combination of two numbers chosen from 1 to 6. What is the value of S? (Given that repetition is not allowed)

(a) 175

(b) 190

(c) 180

(d) 200

(31) The sum of three numbers is zero. The sum of their products taken two at time is:

(a) positive

(b) zero

(c) negative

(d) real

(32) PQRS is a square drawn inside square ABCD of side a units by joining the midpoints of the sides AB,BC,CD and DA. The square TUVW is drawn inside PQRS, where T, U, V<>

(a) 2a 2

(b) 3a 2

(c) 4 a 2

(d) 3a 2/2

(33) A student was promised a prize scheme as follows: For the first problem solved correctly he would receive 1 paisa, for the second problem solved correctly he would receive 2 paise, for the third 4 paise and so on. The student turned out to be sharp enough and forced the teacher to dish out Rs. 40.95. The number of problems solved correctly were:

(a) 12

(b) 13

(c) 14

(d) 15

(34) A cocktail called Zing Ting comprises two other cocktails viz. Zing and Ting, in the ratio 2:3. Zing has 20% liquor, 10% orange juice whereas Zing Ting contains 16.66%liquor. How much liquor does a litre of Ting contain?

(a) 14.44 ml

(b) 144.4 ml

(c) 160 ml

(d) 150 ml

(35) For sending one wagon of wheat, food corporation of India spends Rs.300 for a distance of 20 km and Rs.500 for 200 km. The cost of sending a wagon for 400 km is

(Assume that cost = a+ b x (distance))

(a) Rs.7000/9

(b) Rs.7500/9

(c) Rs.6500/9

(d) Rs6000/9

(36) The growth of an average man’s nails follows the equation L=a+bc, whereas a is the initial length of his nails, b is his age in years and c is a constant equal to 1/3. The length of Sandeep’s nails is 14 mm which was 11 mm initially. How long are the nails of his identical twin brother Sudeep whose nails are 10 mm long initially?

(a) 13 mm

(b) 15 mm

(c) 12 mm

(d) 11 mm

(37) Three circles each of radius 25 cm are having the centres at A,B and C. Further PQ=7 cm, RS=12 cm and TU = 18 cm. What is the perimeter of the triangle ABC?

(a) 93 cm

(b) 87 cm

(c) 113 cm

(d) 150 cm

(38) A charity solicited a person over phone who agreed to an average pledge of Rs. C each. B of these people who had pledged an average of Rs. D each never sent the pledged money. Which of the following expressions represents the percent of pledged money that the charity received?

(a) 100 (AC/BD)

(b) 100 (BD/AC)

(c) 100-100(BD/AC)

(d) 100 AC – 100 9BD/AC)

(39) Five married couples at a party are to be seated at a round tables in such away that only four people can sit at a single table and that no married couple is seated at the same table. In how many ways can four people be seated around one round table?

(a) 1920

(b) 960

(c) 240

(d) 480

(58 & 59) Read the information below and answer the questions that follow.

In a school, there are five teacher – A,B,C,D,E. A and B both teach Hindi and English. C and B both teach English and Geography. D and A both teach Mathematics and Hindi. E and B both teach History and French.

(58) Who among the teachers teaches the maximum number of subjects?

(a) A

(b) B

(c) C

(d) D

(59) Which of the following pairs teaches both Geography and Hindi?

(a) A & B

(b) B & C

(c) C & A

(d) None of the above

(60) Which is the value of X in the below figure?

(a) 222

(b) 216

(c) 66

(d) 11

(61) At a doctor’s clinic, 6 patients – Mr. Schultz, Mr. Nike, Mr. Fischer, Mr. Becker, and Mr Li and Mr. Lewis; were waiting anxiously for their turn. After much thought, the doctor decided that Mr .Li should come in first, followed by Mr. Nike and then Mr.Lewis and so on. Who should come on fifth number?

(a) Mr. Fischer

(b) Mr. Schultz

(c) Mr. Becker

(d) Can’t be said

(62) Binomial nomenclature refers to the –

(A) naming of a plant/animal twice

(B) scientific naming of an organism consisting of two words

(C) two names of a living organism-scientific name and common

(D)two phase in the life of a organism

(63) Which one of the following plants has the largest flower?

(a) Chrysanthemum

(b) Rafflesia

(c) Sunflower

(d) Zinnia

(64) A pungent odour or the smell of a fine perfume is interpreted in the brain in the –

(a) cerebrum

(b) cerebral hemispheres

(c) temporal cortex

(d) cerebellum

(65) The antibiotic ampicillin is –

(a) a synthetic drug

(b) obtained from a bacterium

(c) obtained from a plant extract

(d) a semi synthetic drug

(66) Delhi Transport Corporation denied employment to a person as he suffered from leucoderma but the court rejected DTC’s plea on the ground that it is –

(a) a communicable but a harmless disease

(b) a perennial skin disease

(c) not likely to affect the commuters

(d) not a communicable disease

(67) Antidote for lead poisoning is –

(a) nickel

(b) cis platin

(c) white of egg

(d) EDTA

(68) Old fingerprints on a paper can be developed by –

(a) silver nitrate solution

(b) ninhydrin solution

(c) iodine fuming

(d) universal gray powder

(69) Cellophane used for wrapping is made up of –

(a) glucose nitrate

(b) synthetic glucose

(c) glucose acetate

(d) regenerated glucose

(70) The well-known wonder drug again cancer – “Taxol” is extracted from the tree :

(a) Neem

(b) Yew

(c) Oak

(d) Peepal

(71) The decolorizer used in sugar refining is –

(a) boneblack

(b) chlorine water

(c) hydrogenperoxide

(d) sulphur dioxide

(72) Artificial silk is also called –

(a) rayon

(b) decron

(c) fibre glass

(d) nylon

(73) A person weights more in a lift, which is –

(a) moving up with a constant velocity

(b) moving down with a constant velocity

(c) accelerating upward

(d) accelerating downward

(74) Television signals cannot be received ordinarily beyond a particular distance due to --

(a) Weakness of the signals

(b) Weak antenna

(c) Absorption of signals in the air

(d) Curvature of the earth

(75) The twinkling of stars can be partly attributed due to -

(a) intermittent shining

(b) convection currents in the atmosphere

(c) atmospheric refraction

(d) the unstable motion of the earth

(76) The term ‘DNS” stands for –

(a) Domain Name System

(b) Domain Name Server

(c) Defence Nuclear System

(d) Downloadable New Software

(77) is an example of –

(a) URL

(b) HTML

(c) XML

(d) WAN

(78) A computer’s clock-speed is measured in –

(a) megabytes and gigabytes

(b) nanoseconds and picoseconds

(c) bits and megabits

(d) megahertz and gigahertz

(79) A neon sign emits red light which comes from –

(a) a red hot filament inside the glass tubing

(b) a a luminous gas at low pressure

(c) a luminous red liquid

(d) the oxidation of neon

(80) A remote control gadget for TV etc., has in it –

(a) a small electromagnet that emits electromagnetic waves

(b) a small oscillator that emits electric pulses

(c) a small transmitter that emits infrared signals

(d) none of these

(81) Honey that has a high concentration of sugar does not decay because –

(a) it contains natural antioxidant that prevents bacterial attack

(b) bacteria cannot survive in an active state in a solution of high osmotic strength as water is drawn out

(c) bacteria cannot survive in an active state as it is totally deprived of oxygen

(d) none of these

(82) Which of the following human diseases is/are caused by a mutant gene?

(a) hemophillia

(b) sickle cell anaemia

(c) thalassemia

(d) all of the above

(83) Which among the following is NOT true about Railway Budget 2006-07?

(a) Gross Traffic Earnings registered a growth rate of 17%

(b) Return on capital set to reach a level of 20%

(c) High speed passenger corridors to be constructed to run trains at more than 300 km/hr speed

(d) Commercial portal to be developed over next 2 years for better yield management

(84) Which among the following is NOT true about Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement?

(a) It was signed in December, 1998 and in operation since March, 2000

(b) India has completed the tariff elimination programme in March 2003, Sri Lanka is scheduled to reach zero duty by 2008

(c) Both the countries have initiated negotiations in August 2004 on Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement which covers trade in services and investment

(d) The agreement provided for tariff reduction on all items including items on the negative list on a priority basis

(85) Which among the following is NOT true about Special Economic Zones?

(a) A scheme for setting up of Special Economic Zones in the country to promote exports was announced by the Government in the Export and Import Policy on 31 March 2000

(b) A designated duty-free enclave to be treated as foreign territory for trade operations and duties and tariffs

(c) State governments have been kept out of land acquisition for setting up of SEZs

(d) Maximum limit for setting up of a Zone is 6000 acres

(86) Which among the following is NOT true about India’s external debt position?

(a) India’s external debt stood at US $126.4 billion at the end of March 2006

(b) Debt servicing ratio as a proportion of gross external current receipts rose from 6.1 percent in 2004-05 to 10.5 percent in 2005-06

(c) The rise in external debt was brought about by a rise in ECBs, NRI deposits and short-term debt

(d) External Debt Management policy include raising funds on confessional terms and from less expensive sources with longer maturities

(87) Which among the following is NOT true about Indian Agriculture?

1. Rainfed agriculture constitutes about 60% of the net sown area

2. India is the largest producer of vegetables in the world

3. Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme was launched in 1996-97 to encourage the states for completion of ongoing irrigation projects

4. India is the second largest producer and consumer of fertilisers in the world after China and USA

(a) 1,2 and 3 only

(b) 2 and 4 only

(c) 1 and 3 only

(d) 1 and 4 only

(88) Which among the following is NOT true about Foreign Direct Investment Policy of the government?

(a) FDI is prohibited in Retail Trading, Mining of diamonds and precious stones

(b) In private sector banking 74% of FDI is allowed

(c) 49% foreign direct investment is allowed in Stock exchanges

(d) Up to 51% Foreign Direct Investment is allowed in Export Trading

(89) Which among the following is NOT true about India’s Oil and Gas industry?

(a) India has 18 oil refineries (17 in public sector and 1 in the private)

(b) By the end of the Tenth Plan, the refining capacity is expected to reach 141.7 MMTPA

(c) The reserves of gas are expected to go up by over 70% in the next few years

(d) India imports 70 percent of its requirement of crude petroleum

(90) Which among the following is NOT true about Abid Hussain Committee on Small Scale Industries?

(a) The concept of small scale industry should be widened to include small scale business and service enterprises

(b) Abolishing all reserved products which had been earmarked exclusively for SSIs.

(c) The ceiling of 49 percent on equity participating by large companies and foreign direct investment be removed

(d) Out of the priority lending to the SSI by commercial banks, 70 percent should be reserved for tiny sector

(91) Which among the following is NOT one of the recommendations of Twelfth Finance Commission?

(a) Centre and States to improve the combined tax-GDP ratio to 17.6% of 2009-10

(b) A debt write-off scheme linked to reduction of revenue deficit of States to be introduced

(c) Fiscal Reform facility not to continue over the period 2005-08

(d) A grant of Rs.20,000 crore for the PRIs and Rs.5000 crore for urban local bodies to be given to States for the period 2005-10

(92) Art.4 says that

any supplemental legislation associated with Art.3 in relation to First and Fourth Schedules is not a Constitution Amendment Act as it is outside the Art.368

any supplemental legislation associated with Art.3 in relation to First and Fourth Schedules is not a Constitution Amendment Act as it includes the Art.368

any supplemental legislation associated with Art.3 in relation to First and Fourth Schedules is not a Constitution Amendment Act as it is outside the Art.369

any supplemental legislation associated with Art.3 in relation to First and Fourth Schedules is not a Constitution Amendment Act as it includes the Art.369

(93) Pick the odd one out. The case for small states rests on

big states needed to be divided for administrative viability

better system of administration through participative planning

avoid neglect of certain regions and sections of society makes coordination easier

(94) Which among the following is NOT one of the solutions to the problem of creation of small states?

(a) Local self government institutions

(b) Institutionalization of regional planning through autonomous councils

(c) Sustaining the existing funding mechanisms like Gadgil formula for plan assistances

(d) higher rates of taxation on citizens to raise the required resources for creation of small states

(95) A state is a

(a) tightly-knit group of people which share a common culture

(b) a self-governing political entity

(c) both

(d) neither

(96) Pick the odd one out. The following are the circumstances under which prohibition and certiorari are issued

(a) When the judicial body does not have jurisdiction

(b) Exercises excessive jurisdiction

(c) When Natural justice is protected

(d) Acts on the basis of a law that is itself struck down

(97) Quo Warranto is issued when

(a) the office is of public and of a substantive nature

(b) created by statute or by the Constitution itself

(c) the respondent has asserted his claim to the office.

(d) a semi-judicial body acts without or in excess of jurisdiction

(98) Pick the odd one out. Under the Indian Constitution, emergency can be imposed by the President for

(a) when the national security is threatened

(b) when the Constitutional machinery of the State Government fails

(c) when the financial stability of the country is under threat

(d) when internal disturbance takes place

(99) The scope of Art. 358 is

(a) equal to that of Art. 359

(b) limited compared to Art. 359

(c) more compared to Art. 359

(d) None

(100) Which among the following is NOT true? The National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution submitted its report of recommendations in 2002 and sought to strengthen the Fundamental Rights in the following ways

(a) freedom of speech and expression( Article 19 ) should be amplified to explicitly provide for freedom of the press and other media

(b) Art.19 should be expanded to incorporate right to information

(c) right to compensation if a person is illegally deprived of his right to life or liberty

(d) right not be preventively detained, under any circumstances, for more than three months

(101) Which among the following is NOT true about Women’s Reservation Bill?

(a) Whether reservation for women is Constitutional

(b) Whether reservation within these 33% for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribe women is Constitutional

(c) Whether reservation for OBC women within these 33% is Constitutional

(d) None of the above

(102) Which of the following is incorrect?

a) Igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks may be converted to magma on heating and high pressure.

b) Igneous rocks can be converted to metamorphic rocks on heating, pressure and chemical action.

c) Metamorphic rocks can be converted to sedimentary rock on heating and chemical action.

d) Igneous rock is formed only by cooling and solidification of magma.

(103) Assertion (A)– Speed of P waves drastically reduces in outer core.

Reason (R) – Outer core is in liquid state

(104) . Find the mismatch

a) 23 ½ 0 N - Tropic of cancer

b) 66 ½ 0 S - Antarctic circle

c) 00 - International date line

d) 66 ½ 0 N - Arctic circle

(105) Match the following

A) Isohyetes 1. Temperature.

B) Isobars 2. Pressure

C) Isotherms 3. Sun shine

D) Isohel 4. Rainfall

























(106) In which position earth is closest to the sun?

a) Perihelien

b) Aphalien

c) Albido

d) Altitude of sun

(107) Make the sequence in descending order

1. Cumulonimbus 2. Strato cumulous

3 Cirrus 4. Altocumolous

a) 1,2,3,4

b) 2,1,3,4

c) 3,4,2,1

d) 4,3,1,2

(108) From Savanna to desert the vegetation changes from –

a) Tress to bushes

b) Conifer to xerophye

c) Megatherm to hekisotherm

d) Tress, grass to thorny scrub.

(109) Which of the following today is experiencing rapid population growth.

a) West Europe

b) S. Asia

c) Latin America

d) N. America

(110) Of which river system does the Koyna river form a part?

a) the Cauvery

b) the Krishna

c) the Godavari

d) the Mahanadi

(111) The port of India connected to the interior through the Palghat gap is

a) Madras

b) Marmagao

c) Cochin

d) New Mangalore

(112).Bababudan Hills are situated in the

a) Satpuras

b) Aravallis

c) Deccan Trap

d) Vindhyas

(113) Which region provides most of the sandalwood in India?

a) Madhya Pradesh

b) Orissa

c) Karnataka

d) Kerala

(114) Ganga is a result of the confluence of rivers

a) Bhagirathi and Alakananda at Dev Prayag

b) Bhagirathi and Alakananda at Karan Prayag

c) Bhagirathi and Alakananda at Gangotri

d) Bhagirathi and Alakananda at Rudra Prayag

(115)India has both floods and droughts as the

a) monsoon causes heavy rainfall in a few months

b) behaviour of monsoon is highly variable

c) size of the country is very large

d) relief of India is highly uneven

(116) Which state is not bisected by the Tropic of Cancer?

a) West Bengal

b) Rajastan

c) Gujarat

d) Orissa

(117) what has been the major cause of increase in agricultural production during the past decades?

a) Increased area under cultivation

b) Conversion of virgin lands into farmland

c) Improvement in the agricultural technology

d) Giving a higher priority to agriculture than industry

(118) .India is among the leading producers of---------in the world.

a) Tuna

b) Shrimp

c) Breams

d) Sardines

(119) The production facilities of Hindustan Photo Films company are located at

a) Ooty

b) Bangalore

c) Hyderabad

d) Kanpur

(120) Which factors have fostered the growth of jute industry in the Kolkata region?

1. Raw material

2. Port facility

3. Cheap labour

4. Govt. policy

a) 1,2 and 3

b) 2,3 and 4

c) 1,2 and 4

d) All the four

(121) Cultivation as such started for the first time in ...

a) Indus valley

b) nile valley

c) euphretus- tygres valley

d) china

(122) Aparajitha Preecha deals with

a) Music

b) painting

c) sculpture

d) medicine

(123). Suttanipatha deals with

a) Buddhist philosophy

b) buddhist philosophy

c) buddhist architecture

d) none of the above

(124). Sataka was

a) coin

b) cloth

c) poetic stlye

d) none of the above

(125). Sangam age often refers to which type of burial practices.

a) paleo-lithic

b) Neo-lithic

c) mega-lithic

d) meso-lithic

(126) Who among the following was the first to use the expression sangam denoting association of scholars?

a) Navukkarasar

b) Tiruvalluvar

c) Ariyar

d) Sambamdar

(126). Which Sultan of Bengal treated himself as the incarnation of Lord Krishna?

a) Ghiyasuddin asam shah

b) Allahuddin hussain Shah

c) Iliyaz Shah

d) Ibrahim shah

(127). During whose time the Muslim population out numbered the Hindus in Kashmir

a) Shahmir Shah

b) Sikindar Shah

c) Jain-ul-abidin

d) mohammad Shah gazi

(128). The Pushti Marga was founded by

a) Nimbarka

b) Sankardev

c) Ramanuja

d) Vallabhacharya

(129). The first reformer who laid emphasis on hindi was

a) Ramanuja

b) kabir

c) Ramananda

d) Narsi Mehta

(130). Miraj-ul-ashiquin , the earliest extent work in deccan in urdu was written by

a) Burhan uddin jangam

b) Mirajji Shamsul

c) Gesu Daraz

d) Mir Taqui

(131). The process of financial decentralisation started during the tenure of

a) Lord Lytton

b) Lord Rippon

c) Lord Meyo

d) Lord Curzon

(132). The significance of Regulation XI in Modern Indian society was

a) it introduced caste based reservations

b) for the first time it eradicated untouchability in British India

c) "Rule of law" and "equality before law" was introduced for the first time

d) it ended caste base occupation in Modern India

(133) Which of the following was the basis for the education policy in modern Indian times

a) Downward flitration theory

b) The report of first indian education commission , 1882

c) Woods despatch 1854

d) Sagent committee report 1944

(134) The slogan " Total Boycott" was given for the first time by

a) Ashwini kumar Dutta

b) K.K.Mitra

c) Rajnarayan Bose

d) Naba Krishna Chakravarthi

(135) "Meaningful Representations " as demanded by the congress party implies

a) Expansions of Legislative counsils with the right for an official members to ask a question , and to discuss to vote.

b) Expansions of legislative counsils with the right for official members not to ask questions but discuss and vote.

c) Not only expansions of the councils but due representative in executive councils

d) all of the above

(136) The devolution of power as such was provided for the first time under

a) The Government of India act 1858

b) Indian Councils Act 1892

c) Government of India Act 1935

d) none of above

(137) which of the following for the 1st time provided for the appointment of Indian into the civil services?

a) Pitt's Indian Act 1784

b) 1813 Charter act

c) 1833 Charter Act

d) 1854 Charter Act

(138) The Praja Circars founded during the

a) Vandemataram Movement

b) Non-cooperation Movement

c) Civil Disobedience Movement

d) none of the above

(139) Alexander Muddiman committee was founded to study

a) 1909 reforms

b) 1919 reforms

c) The implementation of 1935 Act

d) none of these

(140) The young turks in the freedom struggle represented

a) Ali Brothers who founded the khilafath committee

b) Moderates

c) Extremists

d) none of the above

(141) The Japanese Prime Minister during the world war II who supported the cause of INA was

a) Minimito

b) Nakumara

c) Akhihito

d) Tejo

(142) The economic impact of the British may be summarised as " development of under developed"

a) Dadabhai Naroji

b) R.P.Dutt

c) Morris De Morris

d) Gunder Frank

(143) The Secretary of state when congress founded in 1885 was

a) Lord Chesney

b) Lord Howe

c) Lord Cross

d) Lord Ellinborough

(144) Bengal Presidency implied Bengal , Bihar , Orissa during the times of

a) Murshid Quli Khan

b) Sarfaraj Khan

c) Shuja uddin

d) Alivardi Khan

(145) The Indian Prince who performed Asvamedha sacrifice during the 18th century

a) Suraj Mal

b) Man Singh

c) Sawai Jaisingh

d) Raja Martandavarma

(146) Which one of the following acts of British India strengthened the Viceroy's authority over his executive council by substituting "portfolio" or departmental system for corporate functioning ?

a) Indian councils Act 1861

b) Government of India Act 1885

c) Indian councils Act 1892

d) Indian councils Act 1909

(147) Which portfolio was held by Dr.Rajendra Prasad in the Interim Government formed in the year 1946

a) Defence

b) External affairs and Common wealth relations

c) Food and agriculture

d) none

(148) Match list 1 (acts of colonial Government of india ) with list II (provisions) and select the correct answers using the codes given below the lists

List 1

a) Charter Act 1813

b) Charter Act 1833

c) Act of 1858

d) Pitt's India Act -1784

List II

1) set up a Board of Control in Britain to fully regulate the East India

Company's affairs in India

2) Company 's trade monopoly in India was ended.

3) The power to govern was transferred from the East India Company to the

British Crown

4) Providing annual sum of 1 lakh for the spread of Education

codes A B C D

a) 2 4 3 1

b) 1 3 4 2

c) 2 3 4 1

d) 1 4 3 2

(149) The most short-lived of all Britain's constitutional experiments in India was

a) Indian Counsils Act of 1861

b) Indian Councils Act of 1892

c) Indian Councils Act of 1909

d) Government of India Act of 1919

(150) Which one of the following is not a feature of Government of India act 1935?

a) dyarchy at the center as well as in the provinces

b) A bicameral legislature

c) Provincial autonomy

d) An All-India Federation



(1) c

(2) c

(3) a

(4) b

(5) b

(6) c

(7) a

(8) a

(9) b (Rs.1500 cr)

(10) c

(11) a (Rajasthan)

(12) b

(13) c

(14) a (2007)

(15) a

(16) a

(17) b

(18) b

(19) c

(20) c (Sydney)

(21) c (1995)

(22) b (2001)

(23) c (may 2006)

(24) b

(25) d (Democratic Party of Serbia)

(26) d (crisis management)

(27) c (6th)

(28) B (1983)

(29) D (Fatah)

(30) a (Hyde is Republican member of House of Representatives)

(31) b (vannatu)

(32) b

(33) c

(34) b

(35) c (176 innings, 1 less than lara)

(36) b

(37) c

(38) a

(39) a

(40) b

(41) c

(42) b

(43) c

(44) b

(45) c

(46) b

(47) a

(48) a

(49) c

(50) a

(51) a

(52) a

(53) c

(54) a

(55) c

(56) c

(57) d

(58) b

(59) d

(60) b

(61) a

(62) b

(63) b

(64) a

(65) d

(66) d

(67) d

(68) a

(69) a

(70) b

(71) a

(72) d

(73) c

(74) d

(75) c

(76) a

(77) b

(78) d

(79) b

(80) c

(81) b

(82) d

(83) D (3 years)

(84) D (no negative list)

(85) D (5000 acres)

(86) B (10.2 percent)

(87) B (2nd and 3rd)

(88) A (diamond)

(89) C (50%)

(90) C (24%)

(91) C (2005-10)

(92) A

(93) D

(94) D

(95) B

(96) C

(97) D

(98) d

(99) b

(100) d

(101) d

(102) c

(103) c

(104) c

(105) b

(106) a

(107) c

(108) c

(109) b

(110) c

(111) c

(112) c

(113) b

(114) a

(115) b

(116) ?

(117) C

(118) B

(119) A

(120) D

(121) B

(122) C

(123) A

(124) B

(125) C

(126) A

(127) B

(128) B

(129) D

(130) A

(131) C

(132) C

(133) C

(134) B

(135) A

(136) D

(137) C

(138) D

(139) D

(140) D

(141) D

(142) D

(143) C

(144) C

(145) C

(146) A

(147) C

(148) A

(149) C

(150) A


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