Wednesday, October 20, 2010

• Sub-panel to submit report on MFIs in three months
• Direct tax collections up 19% in first half
• Why we need GM labelling
• Digging for value
• PM wants pace of developing scientific knowledge quickened
• Manmohan lays stone for TIFR campus in Hyderabad
• India's stand on Endosulfan wrong, says Benoy Viswom
• INO project to include science park
• Millennium Development Goals & India
• Difference in BPL figures startling: judge
• ‘Hawkers have a fundamental right to trade'
• Revised water policy to factor in impact of climate change
• Expert group on universal health coverage set up
• Agricultural growth remains central to poverty reduction, says report
• Google to bring Dead Sea Scrolls online
• Revealing His qualities

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