Thursday, August 19, 2010

• Public issues: retail investment limit proposed to be doubled to Rs. 2 lakh
• Infra funding: shortfall feared in XII Plan
• GST Council will only be recommendatory body: Pranab
• Commonwealth Express arrives at Central
• Glimpses of Japanese culture
• CII's Connect 2010 will lay road map for information technology for next 10 years
• “Cloud computing presents opportunities to all IT users”
• Signalling a transition
• Young and jobless
• Inside Kashmir's New Islamist movement
• Liability Bill will provide immediate compensation: Subbarami Reddy
• MPs up in arms against new Arms Policy
• “Parliamentarians must work to meet people's expectations”
• Work on 700 MWe nuclear reactors in Rajasthan to begin soon
• Nuclear deal: Elusive benefits, tangible costs
• Light of knowledge

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