Tuesday, August 24, 2010


• Exporters, industry welcome new trade policy initiatives
• Cairn strikes oil in KG basin onshore
• Zero-duty EPCG scheme extended by one year
• No winners in Australia
• New light on Stonehenge
• BJP against dilution of supplier's liability
• Centre willing to consider changes, says Chavan
• Rs.1,052-crore incentives to critical export sectors
• Murals of reclining Shiva, Nataraja with 20 arms found at Thrissur temple
• Arjun Atwal creates history
• Enumeration of families along Cooum almost over
• Skill development programme for powerloom weavers mooted
• Another buffalo calf cloned (Garima 2)
• Knowledge is power

• Why new private banks?
• ‘Withdrawing' from a wrecked country
• More space for small investors
• BJP, Left to push for nuclear bill changes in House
• Amendments meant to protect foreign suppliers, domestic players: Left
• Julia Gillard ‘leads' the race for minority government
• Wen calls for political reforms
• Centre's notice to Google Inc
• Mind is the key


Anonymous said...

dear sir,
please update the blog with the dates.

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