Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

• Industry for continuation of stimulus package(naturally!)
• India to help Nigeria build energy projects
• Doing good for science
• Turnaround in foreign trade?(FIEO says it is due to Xmas and New Year. May not maintain)
• Advisory for Indians studying in Australia
• Dhaka, Delhi conclude water talks
• I’m not a prophet, I only know about ribosomes: Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
• Experts warn of ‘climate refugees’
• Narco test
• Channel warned
• ‘Worst’ winter in 30 years in Britain
• New pipeline to boost Turkmen gas sales to Iran
• Kepler telescope finds mystery objects
• Weather forecast to feature monsoon phases
• Ansari: India set to re-engage with Africa
• Swaminathan for revolution in small farm management
• ‘Mere allegation cannot be basis for conviction for abetment to suicide’(Read the article carefully. Caption is misleading)
• Opinion divided in Congress too on Vidarbha, says Chavan
• “RTI Act can’t question judicial order”
• Women’s groups urge Moily to amend sexual violence laws
• Farooq warns oil companies
• ‘Opinion on Bt brinjal divided’
• Getting ready for Mahakumbh
• Bagram, the other Guantanamo
• The healing power of books
• Superior to the Lord

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