Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mozilla Firefox Start Page

Mozilla Firefox Start PageSaturday, January 30, 2010

• CRR hike to absorb Rs.36,000 crore PM*
• GDP growth pegged at 6.7 % in 2008-09PM
• Mixed reaction from industryM*
• Not to impact on interest rates, industry: ChawlaM
• Moving away from easy moneyM
• Earthquakes and scienceP*
• Military Secretary faces court martialP
• RBI hikes CRR to contain inflationPM
• Brightest full moon of 2010 todayP
• Russia-India fighter makes successful maiden test flightPM
• Blair denies covert deal with BushPM
• One month after CopenhagenPM
• Court notice to Centre, UGC on deemed university statusPM
• “Evolve alternative method for removal of judges”M
• Srikrishna front-runner for Telangana panelPM
• Food prices will ease next fiscal: Pawar( Our voice from Sky, Akashvani!)
• What lies in store for Antarctica, the world’s last repository?PM
• Lasting mercy


• Nasscom worried over U.S. indirect protectionismPM
• Still it is cheaper to offshore jobsM
• The Election Commission at 60 PM
• Protecting antiquitiesM
• Obama to cut tax breaks for outsourcing U.S. firms(knee jerk and populist)
• J.D. Salinger dead PM
• India ranks 123rd in pollution controlPM
• The worst of the storm has passed, but the devastation remains: ObamaM
• Pitching for composite dialogueM
• Commercialisation of news content is a dangerous trend: Hamid AnsariM
• Food security linked to energy security: SharmaM
• U.P. to have special force for monuments, parksP
• ‘Bill should grant health care as universal entitlement’M
• National Tobacco Control Programme gets approvalPM
• ‘Compulsory voting not feasible’M
• Historian who helped inspire civil rights movement deadPM( Only name and contribution in one line)
• Unconditional love

*P: Prelims; M:Mains; PM: Prelims @ Mains. It is indicative and nothing more.

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