Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday, January 08, 2010

• GST launch set to be delayed
• Insensitive and in denial(Australian racism)
• Defending the whales
• Sibal expresses concern at burden on students
• Take urgent steps to end attacks, New Delhi tells Canberra
• New Delhi, Beijing hold defence dialogue
• West to pursue tough U.N. sanctions on Iran
• Nepal discharges child soldiers
• Small step for tetrapods, giant leap for palaeontology
• Row over melamine in milk products
• Ties with China on an even keel, says Krishna
• Don’t strip Rathore of his medals: K.P.S. Gill(Then strip him of what!)
• Property-related issues dominate Day 1 of Pravasi Divas
• Business across LoC remains suspended
• Ancient India had both cyclic and linear time concepts, says Romila Thapar
• Indigenous swine flu vaccine’s human trials begin
• Final shape to nuclear deal by June: Canada
• Kaunda enunciates route of Indian investment
• Thorium reactors more secure: Kakodkar
• Indian Medical Association opposes rural MBBS course
• Panel calls for revisiting land reforms
• Many ex-Guantanamo detenus return to terror
• Who are we?

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