Monday, December 14, 2009

Hindu Today- 14/12

• Will new system offer clarity on inflation?
• Tax cuts might accomplish what spending has not
• Toppling the Boligarchy
• A fragile recovery
• India will not compromise on key principles: Jairam
• Mayawati bats for Poorvanchal
• Karunanidhi rejects suggestion for bifurcation of Tamil Nadu
• Telugu Ganga water supply disrupted again
• Dhanush missile test fired successfully
• Implementation of Akrama-Sakrama scheme likely to be delayed
• Economist Paul Samuelson passes away
• China-Kazakhstan gas pipeline inaugurated
• Capping nuclear liability is a non-starter
• Congress ‘no’ to States Reorganisation Commission
• Veteran photojournalist T.S. Satyan passes away
• Jairam seeks review of MP river-linking project
• Ecological concerns over n-power plant
• Year of Astronomy to close on a cosmic quirk
• Seize the moment
• The grand challenges of Indian science
• In familiar books, a battle over electronic rights
• Goddess Mahalakshmi mediates

Economist Paul Samuelson passes away :Economist Paul A. Samuelson, Nobel laureate has died. He was 94.In 1974, he said America was suffering from “stagflation,” which he described as a toxic mix of high unemployment and high inflation over long periods of time.

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