Friday, April 10, 2009

Some questions on Economics that we trained our caniddates on for the Interview Programme

1.     Do you think Indian economy is in trouble?

2.     What will happen to the 11th five year plan targets?

3.     Who is Keynes?

4.     We are all said to be Keynesians today. Why?

5.     Haven’t we always been Keynesians in India , since Independence?

6.     What is capitalism?

7.     Is it in crisis?

8.     How do we resolve the crisis?

9.     Differentiate between fiscal stimulus, bailout and monetary stimulus.

10. What is moral hazard?

11. Some say that the RBI is responsible for the crisis. Do you agree?

12. Some say that the RBI is on another planet? Why did they say it?

13. We do not  have a dedicated Finance Minister at the centre.  Are you worried?

14. What is populism/pork barrel?

15. What is a recession? How is it different from Depression?

16. Stagflation?

17. What is liquidity trap?

18. Why are we slashing the direct taxes only? Why cant the income tax be brought down so that people can spend and kickstart the economy?

19. Have you heard of conditional cash transfers?

20. Mark to market

21. Financial innovation

22. Money multiplier and gearing

23. Decoupling theory
Why is agriculture not growing

24. Bailout and stimulus and liquidity injection

25. Too big to fail- do you believe in it?

26. Financial inclusion

27. Leverage

28. Gearing

29. Flipping

30. Greed

31. Speculation

32. Expectations

33. Deflation

34. Protectionism

35. Liquidity crunch/Liquidity trap/liquidity crisis

36. Deglobalization/deprivatization

37. Nationalization

38. Crisis of confidence

39. Consumer confidence

40. Business confidence

41. What is a well capitalized bank?

42. Basel norms

43. Shadow economy/fictitious economy/virtual economy

44. Regulator should be ahead of the curve- what do u mean?

45. How did Lehman go bankrupt?

46. What are toxic assets

47. Securitization

48. Nationalize the losses and privatize the profits?

49. Good bank bad bank

50. Wall street main street

51. Market failure

52. deflation- is it not good?

 and so on and on 

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