Sunday, April 1, 2007

Black money and Tax Amnesty Schemes Questions

Black money and Tax Amnesty Schemes

  1. What is black money?
  2. Why do people evade / avoid paying taxes?
  3. What is the difference between the two?
  4. Should agricultural income tax be imposed?
  5. Why are exemptions given?
  6. Where is the need for amnesty scheme?
  7. What is VDIS?
  8. What is the problem?
  9. Are nt honest tax payers being penalized?
  10. Why are we rewarding the evaders?
  11. Are fiscal compulsions so bad that we tap on black money?
  12. Do you have any suggestions?
  13. What are the reasons in favour of the scheme?
  14. Is the Government helpless?
  15. What are bearer bonds?
  16. Why not use them for infrastructure?
  17. Why are infrastructure bonds a flop?
  18. What is laffer curve?
  19. What is supply side economics?
  20. Reaganomics?
  21. Manmohanomics?
  22. Chidambaronomics?
  23. Tax on bank withdrawals – what do you think?
  24. Does it make sense?
  25. What is the cost-benefit ratio- moral and monetary?

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