Saturday, March 3, 2007

Cloning- another milestone.

A team at the British institute that cloned Dolly the sheep have made a genetically engineered chicken that produces cancer drugs in its eggs. The chickens produce the cancer drugs in their egg whites, the team at the Roslin Biocentre in Edinburgh reported.

Answer these questions

  • who is Ian Wilmut?
  • what is clone?
  • Why is Dolly important?
  • What is Polly?
  • What is ANDi? Why is it called so?
  • How are clones different from identical twins?
  • Who are test tube babies?
  • does it excite you that you can make yourself and your pets immortal?!!!
  • What is relaince Life sciences doing?
  • Why was the AIIMS stem cell research in news last year( Appeared in the CSE mains 2005)
  • Finally, can we clone Ian Wilmut?

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