Saturday, February 24, 2007

Welcome to all the IAS aspirants

Dear friends,

The number of aspirants for the prestigious Civil Services Examination is increasing. Standards are getting tougher. Standard information and analysis is rare. There is clearly a gap here that Sriram's IAS has striven to fill. We will continue to do so.

Log into this blog for something new all the time- almost on a daily basis. Post your queries. Ask questions. Look for the UPSC-friendly material on General Studies and Public Administration here.

Same blog will help you to know about our class room training programme, faculty and so on.

We are sure this blog will be a crucial factor in your aspiration turning into a reality- career in Indian Civil Services.

Best of Luck,

Sriram Srirangam


Shashank said...

Its a great site, with very precise information for every civil service aspirant. I sincerely hope that the hard work put in by Mr.Sriram and his team motivates the students to work sincerely towards their dream.

Sharadwati said...

All the information and guidance available through this site is definitely very useful and very interesting too.The MCQs help in a quick recap of the subjects studied.A big thanks to you Sir and your team.i hope more and more students benefit out of this.

Anonymous said...

thanks for helping i required it alot be there n keep updating with GS n pub ad

Tushar Nikhare said...

Respected Sir,

Can you please guide me on taking English literature as my second optional subject for Mains?
Some information like difficulty level in opting for this subject & chances of scoring marks with this subject will be helpful..
Thanks in advance...

Tushar Nikhare