Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Indian Economy :Important Facts and Figures from CSO

Indian Economy: Important Facts and Figures from CSO

Recent data provided by the CSO indicates that the services sector currently accounts for more than half the country’s GDP. According to the quick estimates for 2005-06, the share of the services sector in GDP at factor cost stood at 54 per cent. This proportion had stood at just over 52 per cent two years earlier in 2003-04.
The services sector has been subdivided into three broad sections:
· trade, hotels, transport and communications accounting for 26.2 per cent of GDP
· financial services comprising 13.5 per cent and
· community, social and personal services taking up the remaining 14.3 per cent.
As far as industry is concerned, its share in the country’s GDP has gone up slightly from 25.7 per cent in 2003-04 to 26.1 per cent two years. This sector has four broad sub-sections
· mining and quarrying (2 per cent)
· manufacturing (15.1 per cent)
· electricity, gas and water supply (2.7 per cent) and
· construction (6.7 per cent).
By way of contrast, the share of agriculture, forestry and fishing in India’s total national income has declined from 22.2 per cent in 2003-04 to 19.9 per cent as per the revised estimates for 2005-06.

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